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The EEGmap brings transparency in the status quo of the energy change of every municipality and county. For this purpose, all 1.5 mio renewable energy plants are displayed in an understandable manner. This contains detail information such as installed capacity, supply and compensation.

The data of the renewable energy plants is linked with geographical and economical information. As a result the localization and cash flows of the EEG cost allocation are obvious. Thereby, abstract information becomes tangible and leads to new insights.

A direct comparison on level of county and municipality is possible through different coloring – the darker, the better. For this, an own measurement is calculated using the enersis renewable energy (eEEG) Index. It is calculated from the installed capacity, as well as the number of plants compared to the number of inhabitants. It shows the progress of every single authority’s renewable energy supply compared to the German average.

The EEGmap data were compared with statistics published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Association of Energy and Water Industry, the Working Group on Renewable Energies - Statistics, as well as the International Renewable Energy Agency. The comparison between the EEGmap and statistic data for the years 2008 - 2013 results in a discrepancy of only 0,33 % in supply, 0,66 % in installed capacity and 5,34 % in compensation.

Renewable energy plant master- and dynamic data
Official publishing of TenneT, Amprion, 50Hertz, TransnetBW at the appropriate date 25 February 2015.
Supplement integration of public EnergyMap data at the appropriate date 25 February 2015.

The data quality of the disclosure required renewable energy data is suboptimal in some cases. As an example incomplete annual supply data for some plants could be the reason. Further, the data preparation of the grid operators does not include all fields similarly (e.g. missing information about compensation or missing address data of TransnetBW).

Geographical data
-geographical allocation of plants through coordinates of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing at the appropriate date 01 April 2015;
- general map-basis of google maps, high voltage grid of OpenStreetMap at the appropriate date 01 March 2014;
- municipality- and county borders of “Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie” at the appropriate date 01 January 2014;
- location information of destatis.de at the appropriate date 31 December 2011.

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